Embarking on a Unique & Beautiful Be Earth Mindful Wellness Journey From Your First Step Made In the Studio

2023-11-20 by Be Earth

Wellness is about how we live our lives and the joy and fulfilment and health we experience. In the modern fast paced world in which we all reside, it is so common that we have often forgotten how to breathe, to slow down, and to seek peace within. Find zen and peace amidst the chaos of life as we invite you to embark on an unique and beautiful Be Earth Mindful Wellness Journey. 



At this hidden sanctuary located in the hub of Central, we aspire to positively impact the heart, mind and soul of individuals who enter the studio from the very first step - providing a comprehensive wellness experience in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. 



There's nothing quite like walking in a yoga & wellness studio being greeted with inviting smells and friendly and welcoming studio warriors. Certainly the beautiful empowering affirmation cards would catch your eyes too. And this is the moment you realize you should leave your worries and get ready to embarking on a nourishing wellness journey. 



From access to filtered hydrogen water to purify and boost your immune, to the soft and sustainable bamboo flooring, and advance air purification system - you know every details of this space is thoughtfully curated with the earth and your wellbeing in mind.  



The natural elements, plants, natural sunlight penetrating through the windows - they are not only soothing but help with breathing and improving mood. Can you imagine this could possibly be the perfect inviting yoga space you could have wished for.



With everything being provided, our yoga props are also all naturally sourced and organic, we hope you’d love these teeny touches. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic class to get some sweat or a restorative class to rejuvenate your mind, there are always 80+ classes weekly offerings for you to choose from.



Enjoy a good shower with our 5-start amenities! What’s better than having a nice shower after a soothing yoga class - everything you need from shower facilities to organic hair & body care products by our wellness partner 10/10HOPE are provided for your enjoyment during your time here.




We heartily invite you join us on this holistic healing journey. You’ll feel nourished and supported; you’ll reunite deeper connections to self, others, and the present moment; you’ll breathe out stress and breathe in love. You only need your yogawear and an open heart and everything else is being taken care of.


Be Earth, where your well-being begins♥️ Start your journey now.



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