How Meditation Can Change Our Lives

2023-07-12 by Kanwar Pal

Have you ever wondered how much control our mind has over our body?💭 It is fascinating how mind and body are connected, and how our mind controls our physical actions, sometimes leading us to do things that may harm others. However, there is a way to regain control and live a peaceful and fulfilling life. The answer is Meditation. 


Meditation is not only about finding peace for a few minutes each day, it is about creating awareness and finding a connection between the body, breath, mind, and ultimately achieving pure consciousness.💫


Meditation teaches us that we are not just our body or thoughts, but that there is a higher energy that transcends both. 



This higher energy is called Atman, or pure consciousness, and it is the ultimate reality above body and mind. Through yoga and meditation, we gradually learn to connect with Atman and realize that we are not separate from each other, but one with everything around us - humans, animals, even plants.


Meditation is a journey that starts with observing our body and mind without analyzing anything, which brings us a sense of calmness, lowers our ego, and allows us to feel more in control of our actions. 1️⃣This first stage is called Dharana. 


2️⃣The second stage is called Dhyana, which is the process of connecting with Atman or pure awareness - irregularly at first. However, we gain access to a deeper sense of connection and clarity realizing we are all Atman through continued practice. 


3️⃣Finally, the third stage is called Samadhi, where we can achieve a complete state of peace and letting go of ego, experiencing the oneness of everything. 



To sum up, meditation offers many benefits, not just for our physical health but also for our mental and emotional well-being. It helps us regain control over our body and mind and connect with a higher energy that transcends all things.🤍 So, take a few deep breaths, and start your meditation journey today!

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