What I Eat In A Day

2023-05-07 by Carrie Pun

One of the most common questions I get is what I eat in a day as a vegetarian. Actually I eat casually, not really have a specific preference. But I do love greens, especially a big bowl of salad in summer is just perfect!💕
Wake up☀️: I typically go to bed around 10 and wake up around 7am. First thing when I wake up I drink my 400ml of warm water to stimulate my digestive system and help my body to better digest and eliminate foods. Then I will have another 400ml protein drink with chia seed and lecithin for my breakfast. It’s been my habit for the last 5 years. 
Lunch🍜: I like to have pasta or a soup of noodles in the middle of day followed by a cup of coffee (with soy or oak milk), to boost my energy. 
Snacks time🍎: I almost eat apple everyday + other fruits, depends on what I have at home. Such as red dragon fruit (my favourite), orange, grapes, berries, kiwi and banana etc. and of course if sometimes I’m craving for sweet, I would have a scoop of ice-cream, some chocolates or egg tart (omg it’s my all time favourite), but just occasionally, won’t allow myself to do it too often.😛
Dinner🥗: I prefer a light meal in the evening, a bowl of quinoa salad is my first choice recently, and a veggie dumplings also has been my top favourite for years. Most importantly- no food for 3 hours before go to bed. 
* I drink at least 2000ml water everyday. Supplement of Vitamin B and Iron intake is a must for me as a vegetarian.
Well, that’s a wrap! Thank you for checking out my blog post, you can also find my regular class and the schedule here!


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