Functional Stretch Fundamental Workshop

Restore Function and Mobility into the Body while Stretching
with Eva Chan

Saturday, June 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th

Learn to become pain free through purposeful, effective, and safe stretching techniques♡ We integrate a variety of methods to ensure that each student is able to experience the benefits of stretching into their lives♡

In this 4-week workshop, we aim to teach you the functional elements of stretching and how proper technique can help you feel better in your body♡ Before you can be effective at helping yourself or others (if that is your goal), you must first understand how a stretch feels in your own body♡ Stretches for the entire body will be explored and experienced from an integrative approach. The outcome of this experience will be a better understanding of anatomy, fascia, and overall human function as it pertains to stretching and what it FEELS like to move freely in your every day life♡ No previous experience is required to attend this workshop♡

In this workshop, students will learn how to:
• Free up tight joints and move fluidly again
• Reduce pain in the body
• Let tension go completely from your body
• Learn to relax into deep stretches
• Address a variety of common constraints on the body
• Low back pain
• Shoulder pain
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Hip pain or discomfort
• Knee pain
• Improve and restore healthy postural alignment through uses of different props

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Chair Yoga Workshop

a gateway to deeper asana
with Margie Lau

Saturday, June 25th & July 16th

Expand your practice and understanding of common yoga postures with Margie in her Chair Yoga workshop♡ Learn to support and amplify your standing and balance poses as well as unwind and relax with restorative and yin practice♡ In this 5-hour chair yoga workshop you’ll learn to maintain correct alignment to stay longer and relax into challenging asanas attaining their full benefits♡ Come see what your body can do!

The first half of this workshop will use the chair as a support to help deepen and educate students in active hatha yoga poses♡ The second will utilize the chair as a support in yin yoga, and restorative yoga poses to help students unwind and relax completely♡ This is the perfect workshop for students to learn all about how their chair can be their new favourite prop!

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Advanced Back Bend Workshop
with KP

Sunday, May 29th

Strengthen your backebend & unlock new patterns with KP♡ For most of us, backbends can be quite challenging emotionally and physically - In this 2 hour workshop we will be focusing on the practice and on intermediate + advance variations♡ It is geared toward intermediate and ongoing practitioners of Yoga and is not recommended for beginners♡ Prerequisites are a happy back + familiarity with wheel pose♡

We will carefully and strategically warm up and open the body so you can backbend with ease and freedom then move beyond the familiar Urdhva Danurasana (wheel pose) explore many backbends variations and prepare for poses that go deeper than we usually practice♡ You will learn the fundamental alignment techniques to incorporate into a variety of back bending postures♡ There will also be guided relaxation at the end of this workshop allowing the body and mind to absorb the efforts of this practice♡

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Reiki Level 1 Program
with Yan Zhou

Sunday, June 5th, 12th & 19th

Reiki level one program with our reiki master Yan in June 2022♡ If you’d like to learn this beautiful healing modality, experience self healing, self growth, expand your intuition or facilitate healing for others then this program is for you♡

In level one (first degree) we cover the basic teachings of reiki and self healing♡
• Reiki history, philosophy and ethics
• The Reiki Principles
• Energy and Intuition
• Reiki attunement
• Reiki techniques
• Give and receive Reiki
• Energy Management for sensitives/empaths
• How to use Reiki in life

You will also get hands on experience so you walk away with the knowledge to perform reiki sessions on yourself and practice on family and friends if you choose to do so♡ Small class sizes with maximum 5 students to allow plenty of time for practice, discussions and questions♡

There’re no pre-requisites or special skills needed to attend this program♡ We’re all natural healers and Reiki is something we all have the ability to tap into♡

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5-week Prenatal Yoga Series
with Yan & Eva

Every Monday & Saturday from May 30th – July 2nd
Full series HK$2,880, 5 sessions HK$1,600

Through the practices of yoga, mindfulness, and pranayama (breathwork), this series empowers participants with tools that help build their physical strength and mental agility as they journey through their pregnancy and prepare for birth♡ This is a unique 5-week prenatal yoga series designed to give you the tools reconnect with your feminine, your body, and yourself♡ Each class would include Asana practice (physical yoga practice) & Meditation practice♡ Along the way, participants also benefit immensely from connecting with other mothers-to-be♡

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