The Art of the Healing Hands

NEW WORKSHOP! The Art of the Healing Hands: a yin, hands on assist and reiki workshop with Yan♡ Two Friday evenings - Nov 26 + Dec 3, 7-9pm♡ An indulgent workshop that blends yin yoga with reiki healing offering a complete immersive experience that will leave you feeling at ease in your body + mind and realigned to your true sense of self♡
In this workshop you’ll:
☼ Receive a temporary Heart Empowerment to enable Reiki Self-healing
☼ Experience a slow, deep meditative Yin practice
☼ Experience, through hands on adjustment, self-massage and reiki can enhance your feeling of wellbeing and calmness
☼ Learn how to harness acupressure points in the body to release stress
☼ De-clutter your mind with meditation and deep relaxation to create space for new beginnings
☼ Engage all your senses with essential oils to evoke relaxation, joy and deep release
☼ Leave feeling rejuvenated
Tickets $1420♡ please book ahead via dm, over the phone or in the studio♡

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MASTERCLASS three part series with Carrie

MASTERCLASS three part series with Carrie♡ A structured in-depth practice that would support the development of the practitioner in a comprehensive manner♡ Appropriate for all levels♡Join us as you experience the joy of the structured content with the patient and supportive Carrie guiding you every step of the way♡ Up to 10 students a class only♡
☼ SERIES 1: FLY UP HIGH - Inversions Drills & Skills • Saturday Nov 6, 13 & 20, 4:15pm-5:45pm
Intelligently linking your headstand, forearm stand practice + their variations together to boost proprioceptive gains and muscle memory.
☼ SERIES 2: SCIENCE OF FLEXIBILITY – Hips & Backbends • Saturday Dec 4, 11 &18, 4:15pm-5:45pm
Safely open your hamstrings and hips while conditioning muscles that give you more stability + finding support and release in your backbends for a deeper range minus the pain and soreness.
☼ SERIES 3: ART OF BALANCE - Arm & Leg Balances • Saturday Jan 8, 15 & 22, 4:15pm-5:45pm
Balancing with confidence and lightness finding your strong foundations, stable shoulders and awakened core.
Tickets for one series are $1800, two series $3400 and full series $4800♡ bookings via DM, in studio, or phone♡

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ANATOMY & THE MAGIC OF TOUCH♡ Are you ready to take your teaching skills to the next level?
T O U C H – some people loooove it and others find it a little tricky. This 5-hr workshop is designed to give yoga teachers the tools and confidence to provide basic assists in your yoga classes♡ Explore the principles of touch, learn how to encourage new students towards safe alignment, and enhance the experience of more advanced students♡

The module will focus on:
☼ Applying the knowledge of anatomy to teaching yoga asana
☼ Effectively cue alignment
☼ Working with different body types and understanding anatomical limitations of various poses
☼ Deepening your understanding of and confidence with touch and basic assists
☼ Teaching safe group classes as well as how to give more accurate individual attention to your students within a group class setting

Two Saturdays, Oct 23 & 30, 4:15pm-6:45pm♡ Must attend both days♡ Tickets are $2380♡ Spaces limited, bookings via DM, on the phone or in studio♡

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