Ready to progress your practice? This workshop is an extended version of the classic Hot 26 practice you know and love, with plenty of opportunities to receive individual guidance and corrections to take you deeper into your practice♡ Expertly led by our guest teacher Alex Lam♡ Great for beginners and advanced yogis wanting to refine their practice♡ 2 hours of sweating + learning on 2 afternoons♡ Sunday, September 12 + Sunday, September 19, 4:30pm – 6:30pm♡

- DAY 1: STANDING Series DAY 2: FLOOR Series

You shall expect:
☼ A deeper understanding of the poses
☼ Learn how to make the pose work for your body
☼ Expert tips on how to progress your practice
☼ Time to explore and practice
☼ Individual support

Tickets are $1880♡ Get in quick, spots are strictly limited♡ Book via us in the studio, dm or call us♡

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T H E B E A U T Y O F S L E E P ♡

A special workshop to re-harmonize your energies and revitalize your entire immune system♡ If you ever suffer poor sleep, mid afternoon slumps or struggle to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning there is a good chance you can help yourself without the use of drugs by taking some simple but powerful, natural steps♡ Join us to achieving better sleep through yoga + meditation♡ this 2-hour workshop focuses on 5 key areas to help you promote better natural sleep♡ -
☼ Sleep Preparation
Simple steps to get you ready for sleep.
☼ Sleep Breathing
Breathing techniques to slow down your heart rate and calm your nervous system.
☼ Sleep Stretching
Yoga poses to release stress and promote natural healing.
☼ Sleep Meditation
Key words to aid natural sleep.
☼ Sleep Nidra
The experience of deep internal rest using progressive muscular relaxation.
Tickets are $720♡ Friday, September 3, 7:30-9:30pm♡ Book via DM, over the phone or in the studio♡

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