6-WEEK POSTNATAL YOGA SERIES from June 29, every Tuesday 2:30pm-3:45pm - your guide to safely moving your body after baby arrives♡ Led by Yan, our experienced pre and post-natal yoga teacher♡

This series is designed for you beautiful mama♡ Sore wrists, tight shoulders, achey neck and back...you want to stretch and move but are unsure of what you can and cannot do? Allow us to be your guide through the postpartum journey with gentle and safe movements designed specifically for your postpartum body to rebuild that strength♡ Each week, we will come together for a 75-minute healing and nourishing yoga session♡

Week 1 - GROUND♡ Focus on your core breath, body awareness and bring in gentle movement.

Week 2 - LET’S STRETCH♡ Breathe into and expand your body relieving common postnatal aches (goodbye tight shoulders!)

Week 3 - TIME TO MOVE♡ Transition gently into standing poses finding length and creating space.

Week 4 - FINDING A FLOW♡ Connecting breath with slow fluid movement.

Week 5 - STRENGTHEN♡ Regain strength and rebuild confidence.

Week 6 - ENERGIZE♡ Create heat and uplift your spirit.

It’s time for some self-care mamas

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MELT INTO SPLITS • a masterclass on how to approach your Hanumasana splits journey♡ Saturday, June 26, 12-2pm♡

This 2-hour masterclass with Ranjit will provide a relaxed space to examine one of the most daunting and coveted yoga poses – Hanumanasana aka splits♡ Ranjit will break down the key components of practicing this asana with comfort and safety, helping you wherever you are on your journey with splits♡ We will also take time to explore the mythology behind Hanumanasana and how we can be inspired to practice what can be a difficult position♡ This two hour is going to fly by - tickets are $680♡ Book via DM, on the phone or in studio♡

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Mastering the Basics + Beyond, two Saturdays 19 June + 10 July 4:00pm-6:30pm hosted by our teacher Carrie in bilingual format♡ Ideal for beginners and experienced practitioners alike who like to revisit the basics♡

Struggle to follow when practicing in a group class? Not sure how to align your breathing with asana? Looking to deepen your understanding of proper alignment and breathing techniques? Working on a more gradual + effective progression through your yoga journey? This workshop is something for you♡ This two-day of total 5 hours workshop helps you explore a new paradigm in alignment, and gives you the tools to align optimally which leads to a more fulfilling yoga practice and inspired life♡
☼ Part 1 : Foundation & Form - Building knowledge and foundation to your journey

* Learn how to get the most benefit from basic poses with optimal alignment particularly arms, legs and spinal postures which are the foundation for all levels of yoga practice
* Discover how to practice yoga safely and skilfully, address any areas where you currently experience pain, and feel more comfortable in your body
* Breathing practices to connect breath to movement

☼ Part 2: Transition - Exploring with equanimity and confidence beyond your comfort zone

* Learn how the basic poses learnt on Part 1 can be translated into more intermediate and playful variations or modifications appropriate for your body
* Explore headstand, wheel and full split safely and joyfully with proper preparation and guidance (these poses may seem mission impossible for beginners but you’ll be surprised at what you can do and how far you can go beyond your limitation!)

The difference of doing a yoga pose in optimal alignment, rather than simply putting yourself in the general position of the pose, is like night and day♡ You get more benefits and it feels amazing♡ Tickets are $1580 and available over the phone via DM + in the studio♡ Book your place now♡

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